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Our Project Process:

  1. Free Consultation
  2. Estimate and Design (if one was requested).
  3. Project Presentation. At a follow up appointment, the estimate and project details will be provided as well as the approximate start date deadline.

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Got Questions?  Here are some FAQ's:

What areas do we serve?

Serving the Newark, Middletown, Hockessin, Greenville, West Chester, and many other areas near you. 


Do we warranty our work?

Yes, all of our hardscaping projects come with an automatic 7 year warranty on our workmanship starting from the install date. Should your hardscape project settle or fail within the first 7 years, we will make the repairs necessary at no charge to you.


Do we provide Landscaping Services?

Yes, RDP provides landscaping services but only in conjunction with, or as part of, a hardscaping project. 


Are you fully licensed and insured?

Yes, we are fully insured and licensed in the state of Delaware and anywhere a municipality requires that we get a license. This includes the towns of Middletown, the City of Newark, the City of Wilmington and the Town of Elsmere.  
Proof of insurance will be provided upon request.


Does RDP do commercial projects?

Yes, we service both residential and commercial clients.


Do you offer financing?

We do not offer payment plans at this time. However, we have teamed up with HFS Financial to finance the project of your dreams. Visit HFSfinancial.net for additional details.


We Guarantee Our Work.  Here’s Our Fine Print:

We guarantee you will be 100% SATISFIED with our hardscaping workmanship. We constantly emphasize QUALITY with our staff, and commit to additional industry training each off season. We consistently meet or exceed industry standards! That being said, we are not perfect, but if you have a problem within 7 years we will come back and fix the problem FOR FREE!

** Does not include paver restoration. Pavers are only as good as the foundation (base) they are installed on, and if we are not installing the base, then we cannot guarantee future settlement or movement.


7 Year Paver Craftsmanship Warranty

If your new pavers sink or settle within 7 years after we install them, we will come back and repair them for free!

Warranty period begins from date of completed construction for a period of 7 years. All material is guaranteed to be as specified by manufacturer. Warranty covers broken or cracked pavers that are damaged during installation. Warranty covers loose pavers, loose edge restraints, and settlement of pavers in excess of 3/8” compared to adjacent pavers, walls, or stair treads.
The guarantee covers the entire interlocking paver system, except projects that experience any of the following during the 7-year warranty period:

• (A) Warranty is void if alterations or changes are made to the paver system by anyone else other than Rock Diamond Paving.

• (B) Rock Diamond Paving warranty does not cover naturally occurring efflorescence of pavers, stains, or any damage due to uncontrollable circumstances. Therefore, we highly recommend sealing your pavers. Protect Your Investment!

• (C) Warranty is void if high pressure water is used to clean the surface or joint lines of the pavers.

• (D) Additional joint sand is not covered by the warranty. Therefore, we highly recommend sealing your pavers. Protect Your Investment!

• (E) Warranty is void if new excavation, digging, or soil removal occurs within 4 feet of the finished paver system.

• (F) Tree roots from existing trees can damage the interlocking paver system. We do not offer a warranty to protect the paver system from damage or lifting caused by existing tree roots.

• (G) Natural occurrences and acts of God are not covered by the warranty.

• (H) Shifted or sunken pavers due to improper use such as vehicles or lawn mowers driving on or off the edges are not covered under the warranty.

• (I) Edge restraints in mulch beds can lift up during deep freezes. If requested we will reset the affected edge restraints one time during the warranty period.

• (J) Late Payment: all final payments are due upon completion of work. Late payments for paver projects will result in the termination of the warranty.

• (K) Warranty does not include dusting, pitting, or efflorescence.

Please note that the above warranty is for all of our hardscaping projects.


Concrete Warranty

Our Concrete Projects include a 12 month warranty from the installation date. Should your newly installed concrete fail or crack in the first 12 months from the installation date, Rock Diamond Paving will make the necessary repairs. Please see below:

Exterior Concrete Limited Warranty:

1. Limited Warranty: For 12 months, commencing after the installation date, there will be no “Major Cracking,” “Major Scaling and Spalling” or “Major Pop- out” due to defective materials or workmanship. For this warranty to be effective, all concrete must be a mix 4000psi, Air Entrained.

2. Definitions: “Other exterior concrete” includes patios, sidewalks, and other exterior flat work. “Major Cracking” means cracks wider than 1⁄4 inch that: *in total length, are more than 30% of the length of all of the joints in your driveway or other exterior concrete; or * in any parcel, the total length is more than 30% of the perimeter length of the panel. “Major Scaling and Spalling” means any substantial surface disintegration that occurs at the surface of the driveway or other exterior concrete that covers more than: *10% of the surface area of your driveway or other exterior concrete; or *25% of any panel of your driveway or other exterior concrete. “Major Pop out” means more that 50 conical breakouts per 100 square feet in the concrete surface from fractured pieces of aggregate.

3. Exclusions: This limited warranty does not apply to damage resulting from *abuse of your driveway or other exterior concrete *not any purpose other than residential purposes *fire, flood, earthquake, defective subsurface or other act of God * altering areas near your driveway or other exterior concrete so that drainage or water runoff undermines your driveway or other exterior concrete * the growth of trees (including roots) or plants near your driveway or other exterior concrete * Scaling , spalling or pop outs other than major scaling, spalling or pop outs *Contact between your driveway or other exterior concrete and vehicles, foreign objects, animals or persons (other than contractor) during the 3 day period after your driveway or other exterior concrete is installed *Cracks other than major cracks *discoloration or stains * any settlement or shifting from installation or repair of utility trenches near your driveway or any other exterior concrete at the point where it meets a garage or car port slab. Also, uniformity in the color of a driveway or other exterior concrete may vary within the same pour or when repaired or replaced. This warranty will not guarantee uniformity in color.

4. Remedy:

A. If you think that your driveway or other exterior concrete has Major Cracking. Major Scaling and Spalling, or Major Pop outs due to defective materials or workmanship, you must notify Rock Diamond Paving in writing. IF YOU DO NOT NOTIFY US WITHIN 90 DAYS AFTER YOU DISCOVER MAJOR CRACKING, MAJOR SCALING AND SPALLING, OR MAJOR POPOUTS, YOUR LIMITED WARRANTY RELATING TO THAT CONCERN IS VOID. TELEPHONING WILL NOT PRESERVE YOUR RIGHTS.

B. Inspection: Once your Contractor receives notification, your driveway or other exterior concrete will be inspected by your Contractor or representative within 30 days to determine if Major Cracking, Major Scaling and Spalling, or Major Pop out has occurred due to defective materials or workmanship.

C. Repair or Replacement: If Major Cracking, Major Scaling or Spalling or Major Pop out, which is the subject of the notice, occurred within 12 months of the completion date due to defective materials or workmanship, the Major Cracking, Major Scaling or Spalling or Major Pop outs will either be repaired or the damaged part of your driveway or the exterior concrete will be replaced. This will be carried out at no charge to the homeowner. Rock Diamond Paving will have the right to choose between repair or replacement.



It is the customer’s responsibility to locate, clearly identify, and notify Rock Diamond Paving of all underground conduits, wiring, pipes, septic systems, etc. Any damage to such underground conduits, wiring, pipes, septic systems, etc. shall not be the responsibility of Rock Diamond Paving.

If a warranty claim is made, it must be submitted within the 7 year warranty period. Requested repairs are made by Rock Diamond Paving and the costs for the repairs are covered by us. If you wish to have another company complete the repairs, we do not compensate you for the repair, and the warranty is void. All repairs will be done in a reasonable timeframe.

*Material color will be matched as close as possible if a repair is made but some variation in color may occur.

All construction shall, unless otherwise specified herein, carry a 7 year warranty from the date on the invoice on materials and workmanship excluding neglected maintenance, misuse, vandalism, or damage from acts of God.

Where applicable, manufacturers’ warranties apply.

All material is warranted to be as specified. All work is to be completed in a workmanlike manner according to standard practices. Any alteration or deviation from the above specifications involving extra costs will be executed only upon written orders, and will become an extra charge over and above the estimate. All agreements are contingent upon strikes, accidents, or delays beyond our control. All our personnel are fully covered by Workmen’s Compensation Insurance. Rock Diamond Paving is a fully insured contractor.